Hound Ceramics began with owner and creator, Sophia Golovanevskaya, stepping out of her comfort zone in search of a therapeutic solution to her personal every day struggles with mental illness. Sophia discovered that through working with clay, she was able to reach deep meditative states through which she could heal and come to terms with past and present traumas that previously impeded her quality of life and knowledge of self. Today, Hound Ceramics exists as a platform for like-minded people to share and learn the art of ceramics.


Hound Ceramic workshops provide a safe, creative space for those who may be experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses effect the quality of their everyday life or knowledge of self. In these workshops, Sophia Golovanevskaya shares her love for clay and shows attendees just what can be achieved through grounding oneself in the process of ceramic creation and consciousness.

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“I am learning to trust the process, to lean into the possibilities rather than strive for some predetermined goal. I am being hollowed out, stretched and constricted, trimmed and sometimes reworked entirely."

— Marjory Zoet Bankson